Experiment 14

11 August 2013

Making it's appearance, our 14th release is nearly here, the hard work has paid off, while everyone was out enjoying their summer break, we've put together another massive release that will appease your creative minds. Get lost, have some fun, absorb the details and we will catch you with Experiment 15!


17 July 2013

Hi all, it's been a while since we've posted anything. Don't worry IN is still very much alive and we're working on our next release that should be posting in the coming weeks. Please remember that Intrinsic Nature is ALWAYS seeking TALENTED artists. If you think you have what it takes to join this family please apply by clicking the apply page!

Upcoming Plans!

21 May 2013

Intrinsic Nature is excited to reveal a number of new projects we are working on simultaneously. As the "coming soon" store link at the top shows, we are working hard to bring some unique apparel and other merchandise to the site this year. So stay tuned for more updates on that front.

We also have a full-on collaboration planned with another art collective which is sure to be awesome! A number of contests with prizes to keep on the look out for as well. More things planned. So make sure you are IN-tune with our site and plans so you don't miss anything!

Experiment 13

17 March 2013

Some say thirteen is an unlucky number. We like to think differently here. Ironically, Intrinsic Nature returns feeling luckier than ever, featuring Experiment 13 on our brand new website. After a long, unanticipated hiatus and hopeful return, IN13 doesn't disappoint. The online gallery is jam-packed with a wide range of digital art and photography featuring the old and the new from our core of talented artists. And Don't worry, we have plenty of music tracks to keep your ears occupied while you get lost in the artwork.

IN13 unveils 54 works of art from 73 international artists. Don't forget to check out the exclusive interviews with our featured artists Macabre, Pezcado and Dyst. So wait no longer! Enter IN13 and experience what you've been craving ever since we mysteriously vanished from the web!

It's official, we're back folks!

Note: You may notice the store link up top, keep checking back to see our new gear we will be releasing!

Intrinsic Nature EXP 13.

14 March 2013

IN v4 Is Here

18 January 2013

In the summer of 2012 Intrinsic Nature vanished from the internet under unfortunate circumstances, but the group refused to be beaten. Since then a refreshed staff have been hard at work designing and developing the 4th incarnation of the website. Not only was this project to keep the group alive but to give a statement of intent to keep producing the experimental art approach core to the groups values. With that in mind it was key to ensure that the art was at the forefront of the design. We are proud to be able to introduce to you the new Intrinsic Nature.

We would like to thank the efforts of all the staff, especially Brandon S & Adam and the whole Tiny Web Team in getting this site prepared and hope that everyone enjoys the new design.

Intrinsic Nature Presents IN 12

22 April 2012

Good things still come to those who wait. Actually great things. In this case, it’s a digital onslaught of mind-blowing artworks, photography and music, supplied by none other than Intrinsic Nature’s team of rejuvenated artists. Featured artist Matteo assete (aka Ma7) headlined the 12th successful experiment with his collection of seven stunning pieces of digital art.

Notable newcomers include photographer ennyBrand and artists Najeeb, Falk, FabF, Dezhimself, Visio, Ruudios, Ptitvinc and Pezcado. IN12 showcases 73 works of art created by 46 international artists.

So find a comfortable chair, sit back, and let the visual journey of IN12 engulf your brain.
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